The sun rises twice

The long and barren limestone massif that “dominates” Rimetea, is cut in two by an aprubt valley that makes so that, from may to September, the sun seems to rise twice in the same day for the people living up north in the village.

Soarele răsare de două ori
Piatra Secuiului

Piatra Secuiului (Seklar’s Rock) – Point of Resistance in Front of the Tatar Invasion

according to a local legend, the name of „Piatra Secuiului” comes from the 13th century event when seklar ran to hide and resist in the closest mountain to escape the Tatar invasion.

Rimetea and Colțești Villages Unique Architecture

The diverse anthropic heritage of these villages has its origins across different historical times. Currently they both are proposed as world cultural UNESCO heritage.

Arhitectura satelor Rimetea și Colțești
Cetatea Trascău

Trascău Fortress

Built around 1296 by the vice-voievod Thorotzkay from Trascău, as a fortress for living and fighting invasion, the Trascău Fortress or Colțești Fortress is watching over the village of Colțești.