45 km, d+ 3025 m

Last updated GPX Track: 20.08.2023

45K Marathon Track Description:

The long-awaited marathon route is identical, in the first kilometers, to its younger brother, the half marathon. It starts from the village of Rimetea, passes through the impressive Piatra Secuiului, and after the descent, on a country road, in a dreamlike landscape, it encounters the ruins of Coltesti Citadel on the hill. If the half marathon runners turn right here, the marathon route continues straight ahead on a dirt road that transforms into a trail, leading you easily to the edge of the forest, with a peaceful panorama above the village of Izvoarele.

This route will be a true lesson in geology: it crosses the Plaiului Gorge Geological Reserve, a relief shaped in limestone, which gives the place a unique landscape, then it passes through a river and a waterfall up to the Bedeleu Plateau. Pass by Rogoaze before being engulfed by the forest, and on the descent from Bedeleu, enter the Huda lui Papara Scientific Speleological Reserve. Here, you will stop so that everything you see with your eyes can be embraced with your soul: on the left, Ariesul with Muntele Mare, on the right, Abruptul Bedeleului.

The road that goes to the Sipote waterfall prepares you for the steepest climb of the entire route. A winding ascent through the forest, up to the wooden balcony on Bedeleu. This fascinating and impressive viewpoint over the entire Aries Valley will be reconstructed in your mind later, peak by peak, when you remember the Trascau Trail Run marathon.

Through the forest, you return to Bedeleu, and the forest road brings you exactly to the hydration point of the half marathon, Ardescheia, with the final 7 km ahead to the village.

Every step, every climb, every drop of water, every peak seen, and every road traveled was worth it, right? 45 km with 3025 m of elevation gain, that’s the heartbeat of Trascau Trail Run marathon.

Technical Information about Marathon 45K Route:

Distance: 45 km

Elevation gain: 3025 m

Start / Finish:

  • from the center of Rimetea village, near the fountain.

Hydration/Fueling Points:

  • 4 hydratation/fueling points on the route
  • 1 hydratation/fueling point at the finish of the route


  • Asphalt (5%): Approximately 5% of the route consists of smooth and paved asphalt roads, providing a solid running surface.
  • Dirt Road: A significant portion of the route follows a dirt road, offering a slightly uneven surface that may vary depending on weather conditions.
  • Forest Trail: A part of the route takes runners through a narrow forest trail, providing a more natural and scenic experience.
  • Rocks/Boulders: Certain sections of the route feature rocky terrain, including scattered rocks and boulders, which may require careful navigation.


  • min: 517 m
  • max: 1215 m
  • avg: 866 m