Sanitary protection measures TTR 2021

Our priority is your health and safety!

We made sure to take all the necessary preventive measures against the spread of the novel SARS-COV-2 virus, in accordance with the law and best practices.

The efficiency of all measures depends on the responsibility and obedience of the participants, organizers, press members and supporters.

Please, respect all sanitary regulations and the thematic signs installed by the organizers.
All persons taking part in the event must monitor their health status and strictly respect the basic hygiene rules such as: washing their hands thoroughly, social distancing, avoiding to touch their face, mouth or nose and staying at home if they notice any specific symptoms.

If you were in contact with a SARS-COV-2 positive person within the last 14 days, please stay at home.

If you have any SARS-COV-2 symptoms: fever above 37.3, breathing difficulties, increased breathing frequency, cough, sour throat, fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, please stay at home.

We need to make sure that all the requirements of the Order 780/ August 12th 2020 and Anex2, Rules regarding the necessary conditions for individual outdoor sports and known and met at Trascau Trail Run 2021.

By registering to the event, every participant obliges himself to respect and apply the presented sanitary measures.

Our responsible in charge with the sanitary measures are: Sinziana Ghinet and Bogdan Cardos.

When in the delimited competition space, every participant must wear a mask and respect the social distance of 2m when interacting with other participants or volunteers.

Before the competition:

  1. The organizers are going to mark with tape a restricted area, referred as base camp.
  2. The organizer makes sure that the protection equipment (mask, gloves) is worn properly by all those involved in the event organization, during the event.
  3. The organizers make sure the hand hygiene is respected on the event premises, by placing authorized hand sanitizer dispensers and paper towels at the base camp entrance and in the toilets.
  4. The access is allowed according to the base capacity, such that crowds are avoided and the social distancing of at least 2m is respected. Each person must have their own 7 sq. meters.
  5. Every time a person will enter the base camp, we will measure their temperature with a non-contact thermometer; if the person shows any COVID-19 symptoms or the measured temperature is above 37.3 ºC, they will not be permitted the access in the base camp and we will recommend that they contact their doctor.
  6. The technical meeting will be delivered as a video material, at least one week before the competition. On the 26th of September, in the morning, we will hold a short technical meeting on the microphone, so the social distancing measures can be respected.
  7. The disinfection of common items (like toilet knobs) will be done periodically with authorized biocide products.
  8. Each participant is required to keep a 2m distance all through the event, the technical meeting, the award ceremony or any other activity in the base camp, until starting the race and after the race.
  9. According to the law, the access of the supporters in the base camp is forbidden.

The racing kits:

  1. In order to minimize the transmission risk of the novel Covid-19, all racing kits are going to be sealed in envelopes at least 4 days before starting distributing them. All participants and organizers will wear masks during the handout of the racing kits.
  2. The racing kits will be handed out according to the schedule below:
    Thursday, September 23th Fiday, September 24th Saturday, September 25th

    Cluj-Napoca, Porsche Engineering headquarters, Alexandru Vaida Voevod Street, no. 16

    Rimetea, School Rimetea, School
    Time 10:00 – 19:00 17:00 – 20:30 07:00 – 08:30

  3. Every participant will wear a mask and respect the 2m social distance within the base camp.
  4. The racing kits will be handed out based on the ID and the filled in epidemiological survey and the affidavit on own responsibility. You will receive them via e-mail.

The Start and the Track:

  1. Runners will start in groups of 4, every 10 seconds. The participants will keep the required 2m social distance from one another.
  2. On the trail, in case a competitor from behind want to overtake a runner, he must notify on which side he will perform the takeover. The runner in front must permit the maneuver, both making sure to keep the 2m distance.

The behavior in the refreshment points:

  1. All the refreshment points will be equipped with hand sanitizers and garbage bags for used masks and gloves.
  2. The volunteers will wear masks and gloves and they will manipulate the food with a claw. Please allow the volunteers to serve you in order to avoid the refreshment point contamination.
  3. It is forbidden to spit in the area marked as refreshment point, as the saliva is a transmitting environment for Covid-19.

After the race:

  1. Upon successfully completing the race, each participant will be awarded a medal and given a mask to be worn in the base camp.
  2. During the award ceremony and the raffle, all participants will wear masks and keep the social distance.
  3. The food must be eaten only outdoor, respecting the social distance, according to the rules and regulations imposed by the Health Ministry and The Autoritatea Naţională Sanitară Veterinară şi pentru Siguranţa Alimentelor.
  4. The competitiors must remove and collect the used sports equipment in a sealed bag, then wash and disinfect it at a temperature of at least 80 ºC. The sports equipment must be disinfected after each use with authorized sanitizers.


In case of a COVID-19 suspicion.

The organizer provides an isolation space, for at least a COVID-19 suspect. The space must be well ventilated and isolated from other spaces. The purpose of the space is to isolate the suspect until after a consult/test/evacuation. The health responsible will notice the medical equipment on the premises and informs DSP and 112.

This space will only be used for this purpose.

In case of a hot zone during the competition.

The organizers cancel the competition immediately in case they discover at least one infection case, until the epidemiological investigation ends.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant that doesn’t respect the sanitary measurements or uses disrespectful language towards the organizers or other participants.

For suggestions, please write an email to us, under “COVID Measures” topic at our email address: or