0.1 ORGANIZER – The organizer of the competition is Green&Wild Association, non-profit organization registered in the National NGO Record under nr. 10408/A/2010, with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, 11th Samuel Brassai, flat 1, CIF 27100974.

0.2 COMPETITION – The competition is the 2020 trail running competition Trascau Trail Run.

0.3 PARTICIPANT – A participant is any person registered to the competition and validated.

0.4 LEGAL GUARDIAN – The legal guardian is the parent of the tutor of an under aged participant.


1.1. Trascău Trail Run ( is a trail running competition organized by Green & Wild Association.

1.2. The competition offers two different courses: a half-marathon race, with a length of approximately 23 km and an 8K race, with a length of 8.4 km.

1.3. All running tracks are a combination of public roads, forest roads, marked and unmarked mountain trails and will be appropriately flagged by the organizers. The start and the finish will be located in Rimetea, Alba County.


2.1. The half-marathon race is open to all persons older than 16 years old and medically fit to undergo prolonged effort.

2.2. The 8k race is open to all persons older than 14 years old and medically fit to undergo prolonged effort.

2.3. The underaged between 16-18 years old for the half marathon, respectively between 14-18 years old for the 8k race can participate in the competition only with the written consent of their legal guardian (at least one of the parents or legal guardian), by which, the legal guardian agrees with the enrollment and participation of the underaged in the competition, acknowledging the rules and terms of the competition and taking full responsibility for any risks that the participation might incur. If the legal guardian is not the parent, a copy of the legal proof is required. The consent is given by handing in the filled in consent – form, together with the signed affidavit of own responsibility and the presence of the legal guardian at the site of the competition. The registration of the underaged under a different age will result in the exclusion from the competition.

2.4 No matter the registration option of choice, when picking up the registration kit, each competitor must sign: a table that states that he received the registration kit and an affidavit of his own responsibility, stating that he was informed about the rules and regulations of the competition, that he understands and takes responsibility for any medical, legal or any other types of risks incurred by participating at Trascau Trail Run, an endurance trail running competition, on a partially secured and set trail, with specific mountain related risks and problems, which can be only in part controlled and offset through the measures taken by the organizers, and which requires therefore, the attention and preventive behavior of the participants, who must focus not only on the competitive and performance goals, but also on a fair-play behavior, appropriate equipment and other human aspects. Refusing to present an ID when picking up the race kit, will result in the refusal of the organizer to admit the participant in the competition.

2.5 The organizer of the event has the right to forbid the start or continuation of the race to those competitors who are not considered fit. A non-exhaustive list of possible reasons for which a competitor can be excluded from the race are: under the effect of narcotics, alcohol or other psychoactive substances, visibly damaged health state, physical or mental exhaustion, totally inadequate equipment.

2.6. Each participant is responsible for getting his health clearance (medical certificate as for art. 55, line 1 Law 69/2020). The participation in the competition is on the participant’s own responsibility. The organizer will not verify the medical certificate/ the health condition of the participant, will not evaluate the sports abilities of the participants and will not bound the participation on a qualification round. The organizer recommends that the participants have at least the experience of a similarly difficult trail running competition.

2.7. Within the framework of the global risk of COVID-19 infection, the participation in the competition is bound by all the following:

  • The participant and/or supporters/persons living with have NOT shown, within the 14 days before the competition, any of the following symptoms: fever, breathing difficulties, cough, sore throat, fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, nausea, diarrhea. The organizer will evaluate this through a survey filled in, signed by the participant/ legal guardian, on his own responsibility;
  • The participant’s body temperature, measured with a digital thermometer before the START of the competition, by the designated responsible, is not higher than 37.3.


3.1 Timing will be done by the second, through automatic RFID chips applied to your bib, by passing over the gate zone at both start and finish. The winner of the competition will be the participant to have run the entire track the fastest.

3.2. We will award, in the half-marathon race, OPEN category, the fastest 5 male and female participants. The values of the prizes are available for viewing in the COURSE INFO section.

We will award the first 3 participants, excluding those awarded in OPEN, both male and female categories, from each of the following age groups:

  • female: under 30 yo, 30 – 44 yo, 45 – 60 yo and over 60 yo.
  • male: under 30 yo, 30 – 44 yo, 45 – 60 yo and over 60 yo.

3.3. We will award, in the 8k race, OPEN category, the fastest 3 male and female participants. The values of the prizes are available for viewing in the COURSE INFO section.

We will award the first 3 participants, excluding those awarded in OPEN, both male and female categories, from each of the following age groups:

  • female: under 30 yo, 30 – 44 yo, 45 – 60 yo and over 60 yo.
  • male: under 30 yo, 30 – 44 yo, 45 – 60 yo and over 60 yo.

3.4. In order for an age group to be awarded, a minimum of 5 participants in that age group is required. Otherwise the age group with less than 5 participants will be merged with the previous age group. This rule doesn’t apply for the over 60 age group, which will be awarded no matter the number of participants.

3.5. The prize must be collected in person by the contestant, during the award ceremony.

3.6. The participation in the raffle is bound by the presence of the participant and his/her bib.

3.7. Competitors awarded in the OPEN category will no longer be awarded in the age category.

3.8. Competitors awarded in the OPEN category will not be able to participate in the raffle at the end of the competition.


4.1. The required gear is: trail running shoes, water bottle (at least 1L), rain jacket (if bad weather) and space blanket.

4.2. The participant must make sure that his bib is visible throughout the run, on the T-shirt.

4.3. The participant MUST carry his/her own water bottle/ recipient because the refreshment points will not be equipped with single use plastic recipients/ bottles.

4.4. The recommended gear: cap, sun screen, energizer bar/ gels, mobile phone, trekking poles.


5.1. The registration is done by filling in the registration form on the competition’s website.

5.2. The registration becomes valid after the payment of the participation contribution.

5.3. The payment must be made in at most 3 working days from the registration.

5.4. For the 2020 edition, the number of bibs are limited to 400, distributed as following: 250 bibs for the half marathon and 150 bibs for the 8k race.

5.5. In case a registered person hasn’t made the payment before the competition was SOLD OUT, the registration will be canceled.


6.1. In case a participant wishes to cancel their registration, they can do so by sending an email to The participant will NOT get a refund, but he can pass on the spot to a person of their choice until 5th of September 2020 the latest.

6.2. In case a participant wants to be transferred to a different race than the one he registered for, he can do so by notifying the organizer via email until the 5th of September 2020.


7.1. Participation contributions are listed in the table below:

7.2. People with disabilities are exempted from any participation fees.

7.3. The deadline for validating the registration is the 5th of September 2020. Registration will NOT be possible on the site.

7.4. Contribution fees can be paid:

  • ONLINE by credit card until the 5th of September 2020, following the payment instructions that appear after filling in the registration form on the competition website ( A delayed payment is possible by using the payment link in the confirmation email.


8.1 The participation in any of the two races is bound by signing the affidavit on own responsibility.

8.2. The racing kits will be distributed before the competition, in the locations communicated by the organizers at least one week ahead. The information is available in the COURSE INFO section.

8.3 The racing kit must be collected based on the participant’s ID card, the affidavit on own responsibility signed by the participant by which the participant confirms understanding the rules and regulations and agrees with them, taking full responsibility for any implications and risks, known or potential, associated with the participation in the trail running competition. The participant must sign for having collected the racing kit.


9.1. The half marathon race starts at 9:00 AM.

9.2. The 8k race starts at 10:00 AM.

9.3. Along the tracks the organizer will set and signal refreshment points with water, isotonic drink, fruits. The location of the refreshment points is marked on the maps in the COURSES section.


10.1. The technical meeting will be delivered on Friday evening, at 20:00 PM and on Saturday morning, before the race starts, at 8:30 AM.

10.2. The half marathon race must be completed in 6 hours from the start.

10.2. The 8k race must be completed in 4 hours from the start.


11.1. The participant has the obligation to maintain a social distance of at least 2m from any other person, in order to minimize the risks of spreading the novel Coronavirus. The participant who shows any COVID-19 associated symptoms, within the 14 days after the race, must immediately notify their doctor and the organizer about their symptoms and diagnosis.

11.2. During the races, the participants will spread along the track, making sure there is enough space between them and other competitors, allowing for overtaking. Along narrow paths, the participants must form a line behind each other, on the mountain side (not the chasm), such that if possible, other participants can overtake them.

11.3. It is strictly forbidden to intimidate other participants or to push them away in order to overtake them. The faster participant will verbally notify the runners in from about his intention. The overtake must be performed on the downhill side. The overtake on the uphill side is strictly forbidden. The participant must first put the safety of the other participants and only secondly the performance and competitional interest.

11.4. On the steep terrain, the participant must adapt his speed and frequency in order to avoid dislodging any rocks that could hurt the downhill participants.

11.5. Any type of aggression, be it verbal or non-verbal, towards any other person involved in the competition is strictly forbidden. The participants are prohibited from disseminating, swearing, applying any messages expressing/ instigating to hate or discrimination.

11.6. The organizer encourages reporting any anti-social, rule breaking, public order breaking type of behavior, by providing the bib number of the reported person.


12.1. The organizers have the right to disqualify any participant who breaks the rules and regulations of the competition or in any of the following situations:

  • loss of the contest number;
  • omitting a checkpoint;
  • deviation from the signaled race route;, using any type of shortcuts;
  • using of a means of transportation during the race;
  • leaving behind equipment or throwing garbage and debris on the route (the used packages may be left at the checkpoints);
  • unsportsmanlike behavior towards other competitors or lack of respect towards officials, organizers, public supporters, locals;
  • exceeding the time limit;
  • showing signs of alcohol/narcotics consumption before the race, or at any time along the race.
  • In exceptional cases.

12.2. If the disqualified participant chooses to race, against the recommendations of the organizer, that person will not be considered as part of the event, and the organizer has no responsibility for them.


13.1. In case the participant decides to withdraw from the race, he/she must notify, as soon as possible, the closest checkpoint (refreshment point), hand over their bib to the volunteers and follow the instructions of the organizer. If the person chooses to ignore the recommendations of the organizer and continues the race outside the competition, the organizer can not take any responsibility and will not guarantee that there will be other volunteers/ refreshment points/ signaling along the tracks.


14.1. Traffic on public roads will not be restricted during the competition, therefore the participants may encounter car traffic on some segments. The participant must obey all the traffic safety regulations imposed by the law, related to the pedestrian behavior.

14.2. On the site the organizer provides a specialized first-aid team.

14.3. In case of any major force event (such as flooding, natural disasters, major political events, pandemics, political decisions to limit the event) forcing the cancellation of the competition, the contribution fee will not be returned to the participant.


15.1 The organizer has the right to modify or adjust the race track following unfriendly weather conditions or even cancel the race in exceptional situations. Any adjustment or decision will be adequately signaled and communicated to the participants, the latest during the technical meeting.

15.2. With respect to the race track and with respect to the competition’s goal of challenging the agility and the endurance, the organizer does not guarantee for the stability and grip of the contact surfaces, the removal of any unstable and mobile objects, the visibility of the signals in case of fog/ rain/ darkness, or choosing the easiest/ most secure/ most visible route or others alike. The organizer does not guarantee that there are no dangerous objects or animals along the track and does not take responsibility nor charge for any object or animal that could interact with the participants during the competition or within the signaled competition area.

15.3. The organizer is not liable for any patrimonial or non-patrimonial damage suffered by the participant and/ or the legal successors of the participants during the event, on the race track or outside the signaled race track, no matter if the damage was caused by a person, an object or an animal.

15.4. The competition area is of public domain and it is not controlled nor restricted by the organizer. The organizer is not in the position of ensuring a protection service during the competition. The organizer is not liable for any prejudice to the goods belonging to the participants nor in their legal charge.

15.5. The organizer does not provide any medical services, mountain rescue services, evacuation nor transportation. The organizer makes sure that on site there are one qualified first aid team, a type B ambulance and a mountain rescue team. The organizer is not liable and doesn’t take any responsibility for the equipment/ services nor availability of the rescue/ first aid teams.

15.6 The organizer doesn’t guarantee the availability of liquids to all refreshment points, for all participants, as the consumed quantities might be unpredictable and vary. The organizer is not liable for the hydration decisions of the participants and cannot be made liable for the dehydration nor the overhydration (hiponatremia) of the participants.

15.7. In case an institution or an abilitated organ enforces a liability to the organizer for any damage incurred by the participant/ the successors of the participant, the liability of the organizer is limited to the value equivalent of the contribution paid by the participant.


16.1 The organizer disposes of the following personal data:

  • name and surname, used for putting together the participants list, assigning bibs, ranking and publishing the rankings
  • CNP or personal number, used for identifying the participant, confirming the age and assigning the participant to the corresponding age group with the aim of ranking
  • the home address, used to confirm the registration, transmitting details related to the competition or other non-commercial information with respect to other future events organized by Green & Wild Association
  • photographs and video used to promote the competition on social networks or magazines/ newspapers.

16.2 By registering to the competition, the participant agrees with the processing of their personal data in the above mentioned purposes.

16.3. The organizer will not transmit the participant’s data to the partners or other third parties; the organizer only transmits the photo / video captures to partners and sponsors, and it will be used in order to promote the image of the partners and the organizer.

16.4. The personal data are collected by the organizer, as operator, can be processed by the designated person from the operator’s side S.C. RACEHUB S.R.L. with the headquarter in Cluj-Napoca, Theodor Pallady 6th, flat 3, Cluj county, J12/5068/2017, CUI 38019370, with the sole purpose of ensuring digital services related to the competition: registration, contribution payment, bib allocation, timing and publishing the rankings.

16.5. The processed personal character data will be kept in the history of previous editions. The name, surname, gender, age and time will be published on the organizer’s website in order to allow the participants the possibility to use them as benchmarks. Any participant has the right to dispose of their rights as in the 3rd chapter of EU Regulation nr. 679/2016 with respect to the protection of personal data.


17.1 Littering is strictly forbidden anywhere along the race track. Littering results in disqualification

17.2. Every participant must carry along their own water bottle/ flask to drink water from. The organizer will NOT provide single use plastic grasses/ recipients in the refreshment points.

Thank you!