Partnerships in sport competitions share both company’s values and employees’ passions. Since the very first edition we were more than lucky to have beside us long-term partners, who offered their support and know-how so that the quality and the overall experience of Trascau Trail Run participants would improve year after year.

It gives us a great joy to present to you our new partner, who will power the 8k race from Trascau Trail Run: Cloudflight!

Cloudflight Team 1# The reason behind 8 K Cloudflight Cros @ Trascau Trail Run 2020

First of all, we were pondering for a while about the idea of partnering for a running competition, our colleagues being big fans. Sports are a big part of our core and culture, most of us practicing it in one form or another. We like pushing ourselves and motivating each other into getting more and more active. We are receptive to our colleagues’ proposals and we trust their recommendations, as it happened in this case. Seeing all the passion and efforts you put into creating a unique runners experience was also a decisive factor for us. It’s a competition at the border of running and hiking, which unites both the nature lovers and outside sports practitioners and we eagerly wait for it.

# Cloudflight, colleagus, comunity – what brought us together?Cloudflight Team 3

Everything we do at Cloudflight emphasizes the idea of a community. Our working style is based on personal responsibility and we develop an atmosphere of freedom and trust which makes us one of the most desired employers in Cluj.

We believe that innovative solutions require high flexibility and a flat hierarchy. Every voice is important and furthermore, it is listened to. We encourage and coach our employees to express themselves, give voice to their thoughts and freely express their ideas without any fear of consequence. We don’t complain about things that can be improved, we take action and responsibility to improve them ourselves.

In other words, Cloudflight more closely resembles the idea of “home” away from home for us. We believe that productivity and efficiency can come only out of a well balanced working life which includes enough time for recreation and fun. We take care of each other and we are more friends than colleagues.

We feel comfortable being and working here – most of us have slippers in the workplace. Oh, and the fact that we have Kaya, our Shiba Inu dog is also the cutest of perks.

Cloudflight Team 2# When at the office, who exactly is Cloudflight?

Cloudflight (former Catalysts) is a leader in the European digitalization market. It brings together more than 400 strategists, software architects, data scientists, cloud engineers and consultants to co-create digital value through customized software and artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions. Working in agile, multidisciplinary and scalable teams, Cloudflight offers a holistic, end-to-end service portfolio covering individual software development, strategy and architecture consulting as well as 24/7 cloud operations.

# Last, but not least

Cloudflight, welcome to Trascau Trail Run Team!
It will be a pleasure to organize together 8k Cloudflight Cros!
Runners, expect nothing but the best – we’ve join forces and increased resources!